I -enjoy- visiting my doctor, Dr. Karen Liu.

Until I started seeing her as a patient,  I had no idea how much pain I that I was dealing with on a daily basis.

It was only after she made just a few slight adjustments on my spine when I stood up and immediately felt relief;

Relief from something that I didn’t even realize was there.

It is truly a blessing to be under her care and presence.  With her keen knowledge of her craft, thoughtful application of multiple approaches of medicine, and sharp sense of humor, its difficult -not- to be amazed at every visit.

She takes the time to really listen and observe, and to educate you on what is going on, what she is doing to help you, and what you need to do to on your own to help yourself when she isn’t around.

What I admire most about her philosophy in healing is that she takes great care in analyzing the -root- of the problems that you may be having, and targets those issues straightaway, instead of trying to treat the individual symptoms.

She has a remarkably intuitive and efficient approach, and anyone who has ever had the joy of being her patient will attest to this:

She wholeheartedly desires for her patients to -get well- and live wholesome and healthy lives.

I will be her patient for life.

Diana C.
Tax Compliance Officer